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Strategically grow your email list for better visibility

Email marketing can be a great source of traffic for any website. Irrespective of the type of business you run, sending emails to a large base of customers is your best bet to grab their attention and make them interested in what you have to offer.


How to steadily grow your email list:

By fine tuning your email sign-up strategy, you can ensure that your email list grows fast. Here are some of the tactics that you can adopt to make the sign-up process easy and fruitful.

Make subscriptions easy:

Nothing will work unless you allow your visitors to sign-up easily. So ensure that the sign-up forms are prominently visible across your site. Don’t expect anyone to look around for forms that are not visible up front. This can be a major drawback in getting them to sign up for the emails, and have a detrimental effect in growing your email list.

The following are some ways to include a lead capture box on your website:

  • Opt-in form Plugins: These forms make email sign-up a cakewalk. Plugins like Optin Monster and Mailmunch just require the user’s name and email address for signing up. The ideal places for placing opt-in forms are the header, footer and in a pop-up that displays after a specific time.
  • Email subscription widgets: most websites use sidebar widgets that allow for email sign-ups. This is a great way to attract attention, especially in the blog pages. When the users are reading something on the blog which they find to be useful, there is a higher likelihood that they would want to sign up for the emails upfront.
  • Social sign-ups: Allow users to sign up using their existing social accounts on Facebook, Google+ etc. This will make the sign-up super easy for users and will also enable you to capture their data.

Multiple categories of subscriptions:

If you just say that the visitors should opt for receiving emails from you, there is the likelihood that they might be turned off. So, you can create multiple categories of free subscriptions for them. For example, they might opt to receive updates on new blog posts, newsletters, promotions, offers etc. Most visitors will be interested in receiving emails on one category or the other, so the chances of sign-up will go up significantly if they are provided with that option.

Create great emails:

To ensure that the traffic from emails goes up, you have to create a buzz around the emails that you send. Create great content and promote it through the emails. Once your subscribers start talking to others regarding how great your content is, you will get more subscribers for your emails, and visitors for your website.


Include a prominent call to action:

The subscription boxes should prominently feature a call to action and mention the reward for signing up for emails. A carefully crafted call to action will entice the users to sign up, and look forward to receiving emails from you.

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