Supercharge your email list signups with these ideas

Email marketing is one of the most effective and high yield Internet marketing strategies that a business can deploy. Most of the companies who are serious about Internet marketing have started concentrating on building their email marketing list, and you should too.


Unfortunately, with hundreds of unsolicited emails landing up in the user’s inbox every day, they are hesitant to share their email address with just anybody nowadays. Hence, you must build your email address in the right way so that they willingly sign-up to receive your emails.

The following are some effective tips for getting the users to sign up for your email list:

  • Give great content upgrades:

    The best idea is to give them something that they really want for free. To drive engagement, give out on offer for some more in-depth knowledge on the topic if they sign up for your email. It is important to make the updates really valuable. Standard giveaways do not sound very attractive to the users, so avoid those. Mention how much the free course or e-book that you are giving out is worth. This is more likely to take the giveaways more coveted.

  • Research your audience well:

    If you know what they are looking for, it becomes super easy to give them something they really want. To research this, analyse page view statistics of your website using a tool like Google analytics to see which pages or posts are getting high traffic. Roll out an offer for the visitors of each of these pages. Alternatively, look at what freebies your competitors are doling out to get signups. Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

  • Build a high conversion form:

    The best forms display the offer in the most unambiguous manner. Use action verbs like “sign up”, “download”, “avail this free offer”, etc. to emphasize the importance of signing up. The form should also have a clear call to action (preferably written in first person), so that the users know exactly how they have to sign up for the email list in order to be eligible for the great offer.

          Try LeadPages,  which allows you to create great lead forms and lead boxes that can lead to  high email list conversions.


  • Display in a strategic location:

    The right placement of the forms can also be important for driving conversions. The best converting pages are blog posts, the homepage, company profile page and contact us page. Ideally, place the form in the body of the post as well as towards the end of it.

 Traditionally, the forms had been placed in the feature box or a lead capture box. However, in recent times, pop-ups (which have a conversion rate of around 2%) and slide in forms have also become popular. Many content marketers make their pop-ups automatically show up after 10 seconds.

However, be careful about not to annoy the users with too many pop-ups. Make these easy to close, and once closed, it is best to not show it again for a week or so. Tools like Hello Bar and OptinMonster makes the process of installing pop-ups super easy and is definitely worth a try.

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