7 Email marketing strategy tips for small businesses

Email marketing was already quite old before social media became mainstream. It’s an affirmation of the effectiveness of this mode as this is still the preferred channel of marketing for most small businesses. Email marketing leads are treasured as organizations go to great lengths to acquire them legitimately. Email marketing has seen one of the best conversion rates among all Social media marketing channels over the past few years. With solid leads sales go through the roof. Mentioned below are seven email marketing strategies for small businesses.

Social Media Marketing in Phoenix


  1. Make the sign-up procedure simple by placing a sign-up box high up on the website. Don’t forget to add a link to your email marketing sign-up page on your social profiles as well. This can be beneficial in the steady growth of leads.
  1. Ensure the readers’ undivided attention with just the subject line. Begin with a solid proposition like a teaser, a giveaway or discounts. Hook readers from the beginning to ensure they read until the end.  By keeping content genuine, you can stay clear of spam filters.


  1. Follow all the provided guidelines to stay on the good side of the email service providers. Do not violate the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003. Learn the tools and educational resources provided by the email service providers. Learn what is “hard bounce”( This signifies that the message is not delivered due to an incorrect email address) and a “soft bounce”(This signifies that the message has not been delivered yet. But may happen later).
  1. Build up an audience. What sources are producing the most active group of viewers, the kind who open, read and click the links? Work further on those sources to create and grow the organization’s email list. Always have a double opt-in process to filter out genuine subscribers from those that may harm your reputation by marking it spam later.
  1. Utilize the best systems. The best suggestions to take action is to go over “the fold,” the section of the message that appears on a PC screen, without a viewer requiring to scroll down. Additionally, emails without a ton of pictures produce a higher rate of return.


Social Media Marketing in Phoenix


  1. Be concise. Inspection and change until arriving at the perfect mix of format, structure, and tone. Brevity is important; figure out how to say more with less words. Users may just scan an email newsletter. Pack in words with extraordinary significance and use subheadings.
  1. Keep the conversation going. Sensibly utilize automated answers. Auto-responders are efficient in saving time, giving invaluable data, pushing readers toward downloads, prompting them about freebies – all while analyzing and generating data on the behavior of the subscriber. Some of the free service providers are, MailChimp and aWeber. For those who want a feature-rich program then, 1ShoppingCart and Infusionsoft are the way to go. We prefer the 1ShoppingCart for its all-inclusive client relationship-administration, email, and e-commerce solution with excellent customer support.

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