Insights For Optimising Your Social Media Strategy To Attract More Company Mentions

Social media is very dynamic, and the best strategy that can get people to talk about your company is a matter which baffles even the most experienced marketer. Apart from basing their approach on hard data, they have to often take intelligent guesses to arrive at the optimal approach. This often involves a lot of time and money consuming trial and errors before getting finalised.


Mention, which offers tools for media monitoring recently conducted a research to get some insights into what really works. They analysed 1 billion company mentions made publicly on social media for more than 0.2 million clients across the globe on popular social networks, forums and news websites, etc. The report brings into light some interesting insights which are very useful for everyone who is into social media marketing.

  • Most popular networks: when it comes to brand mentions on social media, Twitter is the hands down winner. An overwhelming two-thirds of all mentions happened on Twitter and thus it is important for every marketer to pay close attention to it.

However, there is a need for having strategies for the other leading networks as well. Brands should make their interactions more human so that the users do not feel that they are interacting with a faceless brand. So company updates, pictures and sometimes even write about the mistakes that you have committed.

  • Language: if your company has a presence in multiple countries, it is important that you have a multilingual social media strategy in place. The report shows that 64% of all mentions happened in English, and the rest in localized languages.

 Always be on the lookout for mentions in different languages and interact with English and non-English speakers with equal importance and honesty. This will have a far-reaching effect in globalizing your brand.


  • Timing of the mentions: did you know that most of the company mentions come on weekdays and the least on Saturdays and Sundays? This data is very interesting since many marketers assume that on a weekend people will have more time in their hands to browse social media and post content. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays seem to be the favourite days of interaction with around 15% to 16% of the interactions happening on each of these three days. Weekends see no more than 11% to 13%.

Every company needs to build a content strategy utilising this data and post on the weekdays to get the maximum number of interactions and mentions.


  • Respond honestly: The research shows that very few (8%) of the total mentions come from people with a large network of more than 500 connections. With the remaining mentions coming from clients with fewer followers, it is important that every company tries to delight their customers irrespective of the client’s network size.

Brands need to respond to the mentions made by people quickly and honestly so that they get impressed with the brand. Soon they will start mentioning the positive experience on social media, and you will have many advocates for your brand.

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