How To Draw Up A Highly Effective Social Media Strategy For 2016

With only three more months to go before we welcome 2016, it is now time to muse upon the social media strategies that we can adopt in the next year. Fortunately for us, rapid changes in the social media world are providing enough signals that it will indeed be an exciting year.


So let us see what you can do to ramp up your social media activities in 2016.

1. Take stock of your current activities: Think about your present social media strategy and list down the things that you have been doing. What has been your content strategy, fan following, the level of engagement, etc. in each of the social media platforms that you are actively present on? Also, think about the existing promotional materials, client testimonials, and any other intellectual asset that you may use for your social media activity in the New Year.


2. Define your objectives: social media is now an extremely powerful tool not only for customer engagement but also for SEO. Many companies have joined the bandwagon and are actively using social media to increase their brand value and sales. The prominent social media platforms provide powerful analytic statistics which enable the marketers to understand their progress, and also measure the return on investment from social media marketing.

Draw up a clear marketing plan for each of the social media platforms. Brainstorm about what you want from the particular platform, the type of customers you expect to reach and how you want to build a relationship with them. Creating this goal statement will enable you to create marketing campaigns that will get you the desired outcomes.

3. Have personalised interactions: your followers on social media will like to interact with the human being, and not a company. They are looking for a friend who can help them to solve a problem or even help them to reach a goal. So, in 2016, stop being a faceless brand. Personalise the interactions that you have with your followers as far as possible and show your human face. This is a great way to get your target audience to open up and start trusting you. This ultimately will lead to better interactions and higher sales.


4. Reduce manual efforts: The plethora of interactions that have been unleashed on social media channels make it impossible for the social media marketers to respond to each interaction manually. Hence, in 2016 start automating your social media marketing efforts. Use social media automation tools and analytic tools to the maximum extent possible and focus your manual efforts where your personal interventions are really required.

5. Measure, listen and tweak: With the intense competition building up, brands now have to be extremely responsive to their customers based on preferences, and react in real time to grab an opportunity or even douse an impending fire. Hence it is important to continuously monitor the performance, listen to what customers are saying, and even change your marketing campaigns to get the best results. This trend will intensify in 2016 and you need to prepare yourself for this.

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