Simple Steps for Conducting Creative Content Research

Creative content is the pillar that marks SEO growth by being the best of players. Creating effective content is the topmost priority of any business that is looking to up the level of game in SERPs. Innovation is a process and can be achieved frequently if you focus on more research instead of brainstorming techniques.


This piece of researched article enlists the right tools you need when you go content hunting.

The Beginning Step

When you sit to create content, the first and foremost step is to understand the client’s needs and satisfy them. Ask them relevant questions in order to get a deep analysis of their demands. The target audience, the core issue, activities he/she is interested in, the list of their favorite website and so on. The kind of questions depends on the kind of business and err, the client.

Suitable tools and processes

Once you have the requirements, begin your task. The wise thing to do here is check out the websites that have related content (make sure they are successful) and make a journal. Jot down the title, link and the number of shares and the good/bad of it. Make a list of innovative pieces of content (some out of the box ideas) that can set different standards for your own content.

Once you are done with this, time to step in the arena.

Getting acquainted with the choice of target audience

Knowing your target audience well can get you in good ranks, not just metaphorically but practically too. Look for the topics and the websites that the target audience likes to read or is interested in. This can be achieved by

  • Reviewing profiles on social platforms – Customers provide a great insight of their choices and interests in comments and likes on popular platforms. Avail this willingly-given information in order to craft an interesting piece for your readers.
  • Using Demographic Pro – this option is particularly helpful when the client is unaware of the audience. It helps you find the right audience and the associated likes, affiliations and interests along with other people who influence them.

Studying the pieces that made it big

After getting a hand on “the like” list of your audience, get on the websites and explore contents that have been shared and appreciated immensely i.e. are successful.  Do this by:

  • Checking out the pages that earned the most links using tools of link-research like Open Site Explorer, ahrefs etc.
  • Checking out the pages that were liked or shared the most using Buzzsumo that comes with various options like search by topic, content type and network and more.
  • steps-for-content-research
  • The Aiding Sites

    It is internet and everything is just a dig away and there are sites with a potential to inspire.

    • Visually where you create contents are uploaded for display.
    • Niice which hosts creative design inspirations.
    • Quora wherein the relevant questions and queries of customers can light a bulb.
    • Pinterest that is a planet of creativity and can help uncover interesting information.

    Distance yourself from these

    Remember that uniqueness pays in the end. Don’t follow formats or the traditional ways always. It is a good thing to have opinions but make sure that the audience benefits from your content and that is how you can get a significant number of reads and shares which is a huge determinant of content success. For more information get in touch with us:

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