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What is SEO and how can it help my website’s Google visibility?

Being aware of techniques to enhance your site’s SEO can promote your business’ visibility in online search results

SEO is an strategy of boosting your website’s presence in the natural search results. It is a fact that sites which are prominently seen on top of search results are often visited more or frequently viewed thus assuring more business.

If you aim to be more visible and amongst the first page search to gain more traffic on your web page then these are the basic principles you need to follow:

The density of Keyword

One of the essential tools that search engines like Google and Microsoft use to check your status are the so called “spiders”. This is a software that moves into the site in an automated and methodological aspect. They crawl and browse the site to pinpoint the actual transcript through the use of keywords. This information given as keyword or phrase will be used to figure out the site through search engines like Google and others.


It is necessary then to determine the search ability of your target market, and be sure that the keywords they use will direct them to your business page and be able to get what they really are searching for. Be aware also that messages transcribed in images are not able to be browsed by spiders but texts linked with images are possible.

To effectively identify keywords Google AdWords is a free keyword tool. This is made available for prospective advertisers to establish the proper keywords for their label, and also beneficial for website’s copy writing. Once you have determined your keywords, ascertain their visibility in your site especially in your page’s metadata, the invisible information that gives input to spiders data regarding your  web page. You can ask assistance from a web designer inclined with HTML  if you do not have knowledge on how to go about it.

The “Link”

An algorithm prescribed by Google search  to rank your website’s quality via engine search on inbound and outbound links, is known as PageRank. Linking between pages pushes “link juice” to go through other site with positive PageRank and it will improve your visibility. Since you’re not able to prohibit inbound links to direct your site, you can improve your score in PageRank by ensuring your link to the prominent social media search engine’s Google+, and be associated with open directories like DMOZ. It is however important to signify a reference and hyperlink in cases you indicate a source. To determine your website’s PageRank, available to download is a browser plugin from Google chrome which is the PageRank Status


Maintain its Freshness

Frequently updating your page is very important to maintain its visibility and will give positive result by search engine spiders to crawl on your page. Adding or removing  or simply updating contexts, images, messages and blogs will freshen up the information and will allow additional market. You may need Google Alerts to help you keep up-to-date trends that meets your specific  keywords.

Be abreast with SEO

To increase your web’s prominence you need to be updated with your contents to keep your search engines crawling back always. Improvements are determined by the algorithms utilized by Google and Microsoft by promoting detailed search results. Increase your traffic by updating your keywords relevant to your web page information.

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